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Westlake Chiropractic | Dr. Kavitky | Westlake ChiropractorDoctor Kavitky, also known as Dr. K has been in private chiropractic practice since 1984. Westlake Chiropractic & Dr. Kavitky designed and developed a bio-feedback module for stress reduction in 1982. Dr. Kavitky deals with natural healing through Chiropractic care and nutrition. Dr. Kavitky has been featured on many live talk shows and has written several articles on health for various magazines.  Dr. Kavitky has been privileged to practice chiropractic care and rehabilitation on many sports figures and celebrities.

Dr. Kavitky & Westlake Chiropractic focuses on finding the underlying causes of chronic symptom patterns, that people are dealing with, those things that make you feel like you are running on a treadmill and you can never get off. Dr. Kavitky spends all the time necessary in finding the underlying reasons whether it is structural or nutritional stress. Dr. Kavitky removes the barrier to healing through Chiropractic care thus allowing the body to get back to what the body is designed to do, taking care of itself. Malfunction in the body and poor healing results in lowered resistance to infection, allergies, illness and disease. Dr. Kavitky wellness objectives are combining skill and expertise that spans the entire biomechanics of the body.  Good posture fights disease.

Subluxations (vertebrae out of alignment) are caused by a lifetime of stress and trauma. Slips, falls, auto accidents, sports injuries, poor posture, bad sleeping habits, work stress, or even childhood mishaps and the birth process itself can cause the spinal column to move out of its normal position.  (Emotional Stress, Physical Stress, and Chemical Stress).

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